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We will:

  • Strengthen your postural muscles
  • Improve hunchback posture
  • Improve your rounded shoulders

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Understanding What Thoracic Hyperkyphosis Is


Kyphosis is an exaggerated forward rounding of your spine. This condition could occur at any stage of your life; nonetheless, it is more prevalent in older women. The weaknesses in the spinal bones could make them crack or compress, causing age-related kyphosis. Some forms of kyphosis also can occur in infants and teens. These result from malformation of the spinal code or wedging of the spinal bones with time. Unlike mild kyphosis, whose problems can only be a few, severe cases can be disfiguring and painful. Treatment options depend on the cause and effect of the curvature and age.

Approximately 3 million people in the US live with this it. The condition is commonly observed in people over 40 years and worsens if left untreated. While it is extremely common, it is not normal or healthy to live with it. If you suffer from Hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine, you may also present with symptoms directly related to your postures. Neck and back pain

  • Failing to sit up straight in good posture
  • Gastric hernia
  • Impaired gait
  • Muscle pain and headaches
  • Reduced spine mobility
  • Forward head posture

Diagnosis of Thoracic Hyperkyphosis


A chiropractor from Peak Spine + Wellness in Fargo, North Dakota (ND) determines whether you have thoracic Hyperkyphosis once they get your medical history and conduct a physical examination during your initial appointment. We also conduct imaging tests, e.g., MRI or X-ray. The chiropractor may use motion and static palpation techniques. We examine by way of touch to feel tightness, tenderness, and spinal joint movements.

To be considered a Hyperkyphosis case, the degree of curve is measured at or above 50 degrees using various measurement methods. At our chiropractor care clinic, we are trained and knowledgeable in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). This technique has proven effective in reducing spine curvature through ‘Mirror Image’ protocols.

Posterior-chain activation exercises, mirror images, and postural exercises are examples of protocols that reduce curvature and adjust the spine and thoracic extension traction. We will also prescribe an at-home-care regimen comprising exercises and devices (Thoracic Denneroll) you can lay on your spine. Thoracic Hyperkyphosis is a progressive deformity and can have severe health consequences; therefore, our chiropractor will recommend CBP protocol. It stands out as a reliable method for reducing deformity without going the surgical way.

Chiropractic Care that’s Effective

We can help you reduce the hump if your condition results from poor posture. We will teach you better posture and help you:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Slow the degeneration process in the middle back
  • Optimize motion
  • Decrease muscle pain
  • Treat the intervertebral etc.

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