Corrective Exercises in Fargo, ND

Are you interested in Corrective Exercises?

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Chiropractor Emily Payne training a patient how to do corrective exercises for pain management

If you are looking for a long-term solution to your back or neck pain, corrective exercises may be the answer.

Chiropractors at Peak Spine + Wellness will work to:

  • Correct the underlying problem that is causing the pain.
  • Correct any incorrect posture
  • Improve neurological function

The best Corrective Exercises increase range of motion and decrease discomfort. Call us To Schedule! (701) 532-0823

People with back and neck issues often think of simple stretches or strengthening exercises conducted by a physical therapist when they consider exercises. These therapies, while sometimes successful in providing short-term relief, are usually ineffective in the long term.

At our Peak Spine + Wellness Center locations, we utilize “Corrective” exercises to enhance spinal structural alignment and posture. These are referred to as Mirror-Image® exercises. These routines are specifically designed for each patient based on their specific spinal position and posture challenges. Many of the workouts are easy and don’t require any special equipment, so they can be done at home.

What are Corrective Exercises?


Corrective exercises are designed to improve spinal alignment and posture. They can be done at home with no special equipment required. Clinical trials have shown that when used in combination with specific adjustments and traction, corrective exercises can improve neurological function and a variety of health measures.

What are the Benefits of Corrective Exercises?


The benefits of corrective exercises include improved spinal alignment, posture, and neurological function. Additionally, corrective exercises can help reduce pain and improve overall health.

Over 15 clinical trials have demonstrated that our care plans, which include Mirror-Image® exercises and specific Mirror-Image® adjustments and spinal traction, improve spinal alignment, posture, neurological function, and a variety of health measures when used together.

At Peak Spine + Wellness we believe in empowering our patients to reach their peak potential! We offer corrective exercises to relieve your pains.  Additionally, we offer wellness plans for those looking to reach peak potential while continuing to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Get started with us today!


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