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Your posture speaks a lot about your health and self-confidence. People have a tendency of judging you by your posture, and it can be frustrating. However, there’s hope because chiropractors can use non-invasive ways to get that out of your way so you can live your life to the fullest.

At Peak Spine + Wellness in Fargo, ND, we:

  • Diagnose the root cause of poor posture
  • Find the right treatment
  • Administer chiropractic treatment and possible exercise
  • Become your partner in ensuring you lead a healthier life

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A Quick Primer About Poor Posture


When you were young, you were reminded to maintain proper posture when sitting, standing, and even playing. Most of the time, you would rubbish that until you come to suffer the same as a grown-up when you realize that it is becoming very hard to achieve due to our poor and uncontrollable lifestyles.

Some common lifestyle causes of poor posture include:

  • Sitting for long hours
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Using electronic devices
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Carrying heavy backpacks

For instance, you could have a forward head posture, whereby your head is held in Front instead of it being positioned above your shoulders. This posture exerts unnecessary pressure on your back muscles and neck.

Do you know that for every inch forward your head is on your shoulders, its weight increase by up to 10 lbs? This puts extra weight on your muscles and causes them to constantly contract without your knowledge.

The added weight on your skull is enough to cause headaches and burning pain between your shoulder blades and even make you experience numbness and a tingling feeling in your arms. Poor posture due to forward head positioning could restrict your rib movement and take a toll on your breathing, among many other issues.

Good posture indicates a balanced skeletal and muscular positioning and means that your joints are correctly positioned and will provide an optimal counter to inside or outside stress and protect your body against injury and progressive deformity.

An improper posture could indicate you are having a spinal misalignment in that your vertebra is improperly aligned. This could bring about digestive issues and have a toll on your respiratory and the blood circulatory system.

Can A Chiropractor Correct Poor Posture?


A quick answer – Yes! Chiropractors can help you maintain and improve your posture. At Peak Spine + Wellness, we examine our patients’ posture and make necessary adjustments. That involves discovering the root cause of the problem and embarking on a treatment plan to fix it.

We also note issues like arched back, twisted pelvis, and other symmetrical problems. We offer stretching services to increase the strength of your weak spinal muscles and reduce tension resulting from poor posture, as well as rehabilitation services to fast-track your recovery process.

Start Your Healing Journey Today With Chiropractic Care

Visit our clinic in Fargo, ND, and we will take you through deliberate physical exercises, good stretching, and muscle relaxation to ease your overreactive muscle. This will reduce the tension causing bad posture, allow the weaker muscles to get stronger, and ultimately fix poor posture.


At Peak Spine + Wellness we believe in empowering our patients to reach their peak potential! We offer chiropractic treatment for lower back pain.  Additionally, we offer wellness plans for those looking to reach peak potential while continuing to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Get started with us today!


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